ACT NOW to lift a life--Change a life forever using your talent and time to help a child feel like any other kid, and adults gain independence. You can help us bring custom solutions to people of all ages with any disability. We need engineers of all types, OTs and PTs, carpenters, and others with fabrication and design skills. If you are not an engineer or health professional, no problem! We have something for everyone! Sign up to volunteer at the bottom of this page.

Give a child, young person, or adult a new ability and opportunities to be included in their community and workplace.  


Visit People Requesting V-LINC’s Help

Engineers and medical professionals are needed to visit children
and adults with disabilities who have asked for our help. You will meet potential clients as part of a team
to learn more about their request, assess their needs and how we can help.

Serve on our Project Review Committee

As a team you'll review and approve new projects & oversee the completion of solutions by engineers and student engineers.  Use your knowledge to make sure we provide a safe and quality solution; share your feedback with student engineers on their designs and production. Meetings are held monthly in the evening.

Be a School Liaison & Mentor

Share your expertise with High School or University engineering students. Offer skills and resources to student teams. Inspect & consult on completed projects.

Participate in a One-Day Bike Clinic

You'll have a task in an “assembly line” to build customized bikes for kids with disabilities.  Work together to help children who have felt excluded,  and have never had a bike of their own. In a few hours, each bike is built to meet each child’s needs. Physical therapists volunteer to help with fittings. Others include engineers, bike lovers and those willing to learn how to assemble a bike.

 Resources for Volunteers

Sign me up!  You can sign up to volunteer on the form Below!

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Four gentlemen are standing indoors. They are wearing white t-shirts that says, "V-Link Bike Clinic" in blue lettering.
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