Schools: Engineering for a Cause

V-LINC provides innovative way to motivate high school and college technology and engineering students to learn all the skills needed to be a professional engineer.  Student teams that V-LINC takes on visit their very real client (who has a disability), they measure, test or whatever is needed to be sure they can meet her needs, they revisit the stated requirements to ensure they understand the design goals.  They even run their design ideas by their client to select the one that works best for the client. They deliver their finished product to the client for testing and modifications are made as needed. Then, when the client is satisfied, we can say Case Closed.

We meet with the engineering instructor(s) at a school first to design a special project to help someone with a disability and to fit it into their curriculum.  The class received a real client with a need without a commercial solution. Our method:

  1. Inspires students to learn and use engineering skills to benefit real people and their community.

  2. Delivers custom solutions to adults and children with disabilities when nothing else works.

Recent School Partnerships:

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers - JHU and UMBC Chapters
  • CCBC Essex campus
  • CCBC Catonsville campus
  • Dulaney High School
  • Harford Community College 
  • Howard Community College
  • Parkville High School 
  • PennAir – Company Internship Program
  • UMBC (Capstone)
  • United States Naval Academy (Capstone)

V-LINC partners with about a dozen engineering teams each semester, ranging from high school class projects to university capstone projects.  Students are assigned a real-life challenge to solve for someone with a disability.  Teams navigate through each of the steps all engineers follow. Each group also meets with their client to understand the client’s needs first. One of the most rewarding parts is the final delivery to the V-LINC client!

V-LINC assigns a V-LINC volunteer engineer who offers consultation and resources.  Throughout this process, students are required to give regular presentations to a panel of engineers, thus sharpening their presentation skills and receiving valuable professional feedback.

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