Money Matters

Paying For Your Custom Assistive Technology

AT V-LINC our custom AT is designed and built by volunteer engineers and engineering student teams. However, V-LINC must pay for parts and supplies.  Unless part of a special program, we ask those receiving projects to share in the cost for their custom tool.  As of now, clients are asked to provide up to $250 to reimburse V-LINC for supplies (if supplies are less than $250, the client pays the actual cost).  V-LINC is able to supplement project costs due to the generosity of our donors.  

We realize funding for many can be difficult even with V-LINC's discount.  Please find various ways to fund your AT below.  Each program has its own requirements and application process.  This list does not constitute a guarantee of funding or qualifications for funding.  It is for information purposes only.  Feel free to call V-LINC and we will be happy to assist you further.  410.554.9134

General Funding Sources

Schools may be required to provide assistance if the tool is necessary for learning. Check with your IEP team.

Check your insurance carrier.  Many will not pay for custom technology but some will pay a portion or up to a particular amount.



Assistive Technology Industry Association Resource Guide

Assistive Technology Loan Program

MDTAP Resource List

ABLE Data Resource Guide

Maryland Relay and Telecommunications Access of Maryland

Diagnosis Based Resources


RISE For Autism Grant (AA Co)

The Arc Baltimore AT Resource Guide

DDA Waiver Funding

United Cerebral Palsy Resource Guide

Ask your service case manager or coordinator for additional resources!