Fernanda's Chariot

Fernanda is a bright, spunky, 10-year-old girl who loves rock & roll and bright colors. She has muscular dystrophy, had spinal surgery, and requires special equipment to help her with breathing. As a result, she has little opportunity to exercise, especially her arms. Her social worker reached out to us for a custom solution so that Fernanda could exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Our wonderful volunteers designed a chariot-like vehicle that allows her to have passive arm movements to strengthen her tone. Rock on, Fernanda!

Gabriel's Stander

Gabriel is a 9-year-old boy with cerebral palsy who cannot stand normally without support. He also has to stand very close to the TV because he is visually impaired. He was using a small trampoline to stand but it lacked the stability Gabriel and his family wanted. So, in 2016, Gabriel’s mother reached out to V-LINC for a solution.

We were thrilled to help, and a wonderful group of engineering students from UMBC stepped in to help design a solution. The final product was a padded, aluminum structure that helps Gabriel pull himself up to a standing position in front of the TV, use an iPad, and support himself for exercise. The structure is also adjustable, so it can grow with Gabriel!

Isabelle's Bike

     In January of 2017 V-LINC had one of our bike clinics.  These bike clinics bring together volunteers with clients to come up with customized bikes which are then tweaked again to ensure the best fit for each child.  Isabelle was one such client, and received this custom bike to use at home and at school.  When the initial design for the bike wasn’t a good fit, volunteer Kirk Platt took the new information about Isabelle’s needs and worked on creating the perfect fit for her.  The redesign worked, and Isabelle and her mom loved it.  When she got the bike, Isabelle “rode all around the school on it and was cheered on by many students and staff!!” Isabelle can now ride around the neighborhood with her friends, granting her both the ability to grow and develop her muscles and the chance to have some fun.  Go Isabelle!

Isabelle is smiling, sitting in her modified bicycle.