Community Investment Tax Credits

New in 2018!

Maryland Community Investment Tax Credits Program

The Community Investment Tax Credits Plan is a way for Maryland businesses and individuals to receive a tax credit for charitable donations.

  • You're eligible for a Maryland tax credit of 50% for donations to V-LINC's Summer Camp of at least $500.
  • This tax credit comes in addition to deductions on both federal and state taxes for the charitable contribution.
  • Any business or individual is eligible so long as they (a) trade or conduct business in Maryland and have a Maryland Tax liability or (b) have a personal income tax liability in the state of Maryland.
  • In the year after the donation, when preparing to file taxes, the person or business must get a form from V-LINC to submit with their state taxes to get the credit.
  • In addition to the tax credit, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your donation is having a direct, positive impact on the lives of disabled children in the community, as well as our thanks and a inclusion in our publications.
  • For more information on what programs your donation helps, click here.
  • For more information on your eligibility, how to donate, and receive the tax credit, click here.