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Will you help a child with disabilities go to summer camp?  Will you help a veteran return to work? Find out how you can receive Maryland tax credits just for sending a child to summer camp!  Click this LINK! 

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Grace's Story

Help a child like Grace! Grace is a vibrant, determined 5 year-old child who has cerebral palsy (CP) and quadriplegia, which is a great deal to manage at her age. Fortunately, she can stand with the help of a walker, which helps her go where she wants to be. But she had a PROBLEM. The wheels get stuck sometimes and she can't move (think of a shopping cart when the wheels go wrong) - very frustrating! Her parents want her to be as included and free as possible, and so asked V-LINC to modify the walker so Grace can keep moving and manage even a rough surface when she is outside. Her walker's wheels were only able to spin 180 degrees - just enough to get stuck! A V-LINC volunteer found the "sweet spot" where the wheels are flexible but can't hold her back. He fixed them so they can't turn more than 30 degrees when she pushes forward.

Now she goes pretty much anywhere she wants with all her energy focused on getting there