Custom Assistive Technology

Volunteers love a challenge, so don't be limited by the list below.
Each and every solution brings a degree of Independence to an adult wanting to maintain or gain independence, to a child who wants to do for him or herself, or to experience the joy of being outdoors in their neighborhood.

Daily Living Tasks

  • Dressing assists

  • Toileting

  • Wheelchair transfer

  • Hand assist

  • Bathing assist


  • Walker adaptations*

  • Wheelchair* adaptations

  • Custom Bikes/trikes

* Equipment under warranty cannot be adapted without voiding the warranty

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Customized, practical and safe solutions for people of all ages with any type of disability.  
When you can’t find a way to do something, you can count on V-LINC to research and assess your needs
and either recommend a commercial solution or take on your challenge to create a solution.  

Request Our Help (year-round) - for Adults & Children

Two people, a gentleman is sitting with a red and white guitar, and a lady is helping him.

Exercise, Sports and Fun

  • Custom bikes, trikes

  • Adaptive lacrosse stick

  • Bouncing seats

Sleeping Safely, and Bedtime Assistance

  • Low or customized beds

  • Bed with alarms for safety

Workplace, Employment assists
Customized devices, such as:

  • Seating,

  • Storage, and more.