Andy's Bike Clinics

Named for Volunteer, Dr. Andy Conn, who was dedicated to helping children and adults with disabilities
Bike Clinics are Special Opportunities for Volunteers with limited time and for
children and adults with disabilities who are unable to ride a standard bicycle.

V-LINC operates Bike Clinics about twice a year.

As each bike comes off our assembly line, a volunteer physical therapist evaluates whether or not “tweaking” is needed for a good fit.  Sometimes a new part is needed and another appointment is made to try out the modified bike and take it home.  

Volunteers work hard to meet the specific needs of each person; these needs are previously established when a team (engineer + physical therapist) observes and measures each person at home or in school. We also supply a helmet for safety. 

Young girl on bike indoors on a hardwood floor, smiling with items in a basket attached to the handlebars of the bicycle. Some chairs are in a row, ready for people to be seated. Other people doing various activities, a young person playing with a ball.

who qualifies for our Bike Clinic: 

  • Must be 10-21 years old

  • Must weigh at least 65 lbs. — and not more than 175lbs.

  • Must be able to do at least a 1/2 pedal rotation

  • Must be able to grip a handlebar

  • Must be able to sit upright

  • Be able to make "stop & go" decisions on their own
    (even if accompanied)

If you/your child does not qualify for the Bike Clinic or you cannot afford our reduced fee, give us a call anyway. There may be another option: 410.554.9168

Volunteers: Experienced Engineers, Bike Builders, PTs & Novices: You can volunteer. If you have 2-4 hours to help build or custom fit bikes.  Sign-up by calling the V-LINC Office:  410.554.9134

Parents: If you child meets the criteria listed above, complete the form below to request a custom bike for your child or youth.

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