To help people with disabilities fulfill their potential for a productive, independent life through the use of technology, at school, in the workplace, at home, and in the community. V-LINC provides services without regard to economic circumstances, age, severity or type of disability. The "V" is for the volunteers who make it happen.

Because there is no one size that fits all. 


Custom Bikes

Because everyone deserves the chance to enjoy an active lifestyle!

Apply for a custom bike HERE! 

V-LINC provides custom bikes for adults and children with disabilities when a commercially available option does not exist or is cost prohibitive.  V-LINC reviews each bike request carefully to ensure it fits within our scope and budget.  Our volunteer medical professionals ensure the bike is suited to each person's strengths and physical capabilities.  Finally, our engineers incorporate "TLC" into each bike design to make sure it offers the best fit and room for growth.

To be eligible for an adaptive bike, a child must meet the requirements listed under the Section entitled "Andy's Bike Clinic" and live in one of our service areas.  Unless part of a special program, there is a fee for custom bikes which is supplemented by our generous donors and V-LINC supporters.  We do take into account a family's ability to pay.  Families should contact us with any extenuating circumstances. 

If your child does not meet these requirements and/or resides beyond Baltimore City and surrounding counties, please contact us.  We may have alternative programs or referrals available to help your child achieve his/her goals.

  V-LINC is a philanthropic, 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.