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Individuals with Disabilities and their Families

A toddler Desmond uses a tummy time pillow and toys to encourage him to lay on his stomach

Do you or someone in your family need help using a computer or accomplishing a daily living task without help?  V-LINC can help you explore technology, computers and strategies that will assist you or your child to reach your goals. Whether you want to use a computer to learn a new skill, catch up with your friends, surf the Web or need help to enjoy life more independently, V-LINC will try to help you find a commercial or customized solution that fits the bill.

V-LINC works with individuals of all ages with any disability (temporary or permanent) and within all types of activities (Recreation, Employment, Daily Living, or Education)

Our Assistive Technology Services help you indentify commercially available solutions to meet your needs; however, when a product or alternative way of utilizing a product is not available or does not meet your need, our Customized Assistive Technology Service, provided entirely through volunteers, may design and create a one of a kind device that will.  

Assistive Technology

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Free Software

BLINK System - Created in the 1980’s by V-LINC (VME).

Now available for any platform (download)

Thanks to Volunteer Telly Stroumbis.

Read More and Download the system here.