Tzvi's has to have an enema treatment nightly due to his spina bifida. While this experience would be uncomfortable for anyone, it is made worse for this 4-year-old because he has to remain seated for at least an hour on a seat that is too large for him. Commercial potties are too small for him, so Tzvi would like a portable toilet seat with footrests.

Tzvi's parents also bring him a portable DVD player to use each day, but the bathroom is quite narrow to allow a small stand to be placed across from him. If it is possible to build a small platform that can flip down from the wall, they would be grateful.

Disability: Spina bifida
Location: Baltimore, MD 21209
Age: 4-year-old male

Zoila is a young girl with Rett Syndrome; at 6 years old, she can neither walk nor talk. Her mother researched that about 85% of people with Rett Syndrome will eventually learn to walk, and she would love to ensure that Zoila becomes one of them. She is looking for a stander device where her muscle groups can be more dynamically involved or challenged, perhaps with a movement that patterns a walking gait.

Location: Quantico, MD 21856

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