Customized Assistive Technology

Adapted power drill for use with prosthetic armsAssistive technology is not one-size-fits-all. V-LINC’s Volunteers for Medical Engineering service provides customized assistive technology that makes it easier for people with disabilities to live, work, and play more independently. Our volunteers design and build both high-tech and low-tech solutions to meet needs large and small.

Our volunteers are engineers, carpenters, machinists, engineering students, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists who work together to create technology that increases our clients’ independence. In some cases they invent a new product and in other cases they modify an existing one. Check out examples of some of our past projects here.    

If we find a product that already exists that will meet our client’s need, though, we will refer him or her to that commercially available solution. In these cases, we will not build an entirely new product. Visit our Resources page to explore available commercial solutions.  JakeClimbing1

We serve clients of all ages with varied disabilities and abilities, and there are no income qualifications to receive Volunteers for Medical Engineering services. We only ask for a donation of $100, but this can be discussed if that would cause a financial burden.

New Requests

If you think you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please contact us, submit your request electronically. We’ll review your request and call you for additional An adapted Golf Cartinformation. If we have the skills to safely accomplish your request, we will! You may also want to view our answers to frequently asked questions.


Free Software

BLINK System - Created in the 1980’s by V-LINC (VME).

Now available for any platform (download)

Thanks to Volunteer Telly Stroumbis.

Read More and Download the system here.

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