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Assistive Technology Services


Get the right Tablet and Apps, computer software and hardware, devices and strategies for your needs, your child’s needs or those of your clients, employees, or students. V-LINC Assistive Technology Specialists will help you identify technological solutions to assist in completing tasks such as: 

  • accessing a computer
  • improving reading skills and comprehension (with Apps or software)
  • improve written communication
  • improve time management and organizational skills
  • learn new skills or reinforce skills being taught in school
  • help one to communicate with their peers

A list of our services is below. Please note that all V-LINC services are customized to meet each individual’s needs, and as such this is not an exhaustive list of services. Contact us today to learn how V-LINC's Assistive Technology Services may benefit you.

Private citizens use our technology services at an hourly rate.  We may be able to help locate a funding source to cover our fees in some cases. 

V-LINC's services are also offered to, or through, governments agencies, including the Division of Rehabilitation Servicess (DORS) and the Baltimore VA. 

Assistive Technology Consultations

An Assistive Technology (AT) Consultation is a starting point for locating technology that may help a client become more skillful and independent at home, school, or work. It is not a formal assessment or evaluation. Instead, it is a one-on-one session where clients can try out Tablets with special apps, specially adapted computers, specialized hardware and software with one of our AT Specialists. Infants and toddlers are evaluated as well as children and adults. Even young children can benefit from technology whether it is lo-tech solutions or computer software. We evaluate each person’s unique situation and needs to identify technology that will help meet his or her goals.

Installation and Configuration of Hardware and Software

V-LINC Assistive Technology Specialists will assist clients by installing and configuring technologies for tablet or computer access, providing how-to’s, and resolving errors or other problems.

Individualized Training

V-LINC is familiar with a wide range of Assistive Technology (AT) Applications, including tablets, hardware and software for computer access andCollege Student during training on using Kurzweil 3000 educational needs. Our Assistive Technology Specialists are able to provide comprehensive training on these applications and devices in real-world, task based approaches to ensure you are able to functionally utilize the AT you have. Training can be provided on equipment identified through our consultation process or that you have acquired on your own.

View a sample of popular titles on which we frequently providing training. If you do not see a particular program, contact us to see if we can provide training on it.

Technical Support and Follow-up

For those who have received our consultation or training, V-LINC provides over-the-phone software and hardware support. Our support services are limited to the assistive software and hardware you are using. Calls are generally restricted to 10-15 minutes up to 2 times per month. Onsite services will incur an additional travel fee.

Loan Library

V-LINC has an extensive software and adaptive equipment loan library. These materials can be expensive so we offer clients the chance to borrow them from us. Even if you want to purchase the software or equipment, it may be helpful to borrow them for a trial. Additionally, for those with young children who often quickly "out-grow" software and devices, the loan library provides a means for keeping up with your child's developing needs.

There is a small deposit required for software loans.  Deposits are returned to individuals when software is returned.

Free Software

BLINK System - Created in the 1980’s by V-LINC (VME).

Now available for any platform (download)

Thanks to Volunteer Telly Stroumbis.

Read More and Download the system here.

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