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Friday, 08 October 2010 20:33

Ocober 8, 2010 - Volunteer Bulletin

V-LINC Video Unveiled

Here is a link to the video that was filmed last spring with the help of students at Stevenson University and Breanne Reynolds terrific direction.  It is on the new V-LINC website via a link to YouTube which you can find on any page, except the home page, in the column on the right.  Thanks to the many volunteers who were interviewed to make this video a great tool to promote our volunteer program.
New Volunteer Coordinator:
Hello everybody!  My name is Brett Wolf; I am the new volunteer coordinator for V-LINC.  I, like the previous Coordinator Breanne, am joining V-LINC through the Americorps program Volunteer Maryland.  I will be working to expand the volunteer program and do my best to get to know all of you.  I will also be working with John Walker on coordinating efforts on completing projects and finding new projects for you all to do!
As for some background on myself, I am actually new to the East Coast/Baltimore area, I just recently graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Life Science, and came to the DC area looking for work.  After many months of looking I came upon the great program that brought me here today!  I am currently living in Hyattsville, MD with my fiancé.  We are both happy to be here and I look forward to working with all of you.

Updates on Policy and Procedures:

Background Checks – With changes to V-LINC comes changes to volunteer policies.  During the course of renewing volunteer membership (with no more annual dues! HOORAY!) and ongoing training and orientation we will be running background checks, with your permission of course.  This is to better define our liability to our clients as well as other volunteers and employees.  It is not meant to offend anyone or intrude on anyone’s privacy, I cannot stress that enough.  We do hope that you might help pay the $7 fee (in lieu of those dues) when you go on-line to complete your background check information – more on this later.

Visiting possible/current clients – Another change to our policies is to have at least 2 people present when visiting a client, unless of course you are in a public place (school, mall, etc).  The two people does not necessarily mean two volunteers, just some combination of responsible adults that would equal 3 including the client.  This again is to better protect our clients and define our liability by implementing some simple risk management procedures.

Volunteer Hours – Not really new or an update but a reminder that all hours should be tracked and turned in at quarterly dates (the next one is December 31st).  If you didn’t submit your hours at the end of September, please do so now!

Lockheed Martin – Randall Turner, team leader at Lockheed has become a new member of PRAC!  His team has made great progress on two of their most recent projects.  With one being a tricycle for a young man with Cerebral Palsy and another being an assistive walking system for a young girl with Rett Syndrome.  The Team has already made visits to each family and assessed the needs of the individuals and have already started working on solutions for them.  They are having a bake sale among other efforts to raise funds for both projects.   We wish we could be there to buy a cake! And we look forward to seeing the completion of both projects! 
Harford County’s Most Beautiful Person – Michael Rodowski, one of our Harford County team members and CST member, was recognized with the “Ripple Effect Award” as Harford County's most beautiful person this year.  He was recognized Thursday, October 7that an event dedicated to recognizing outstanding individuals in volunteer service.  His work here at V-LINC and the enormous amount of time he has been involved with volunteering (over 200 hours in ’09!) lead to his nomination and the winning of this award.  CONGRATS MICHAEL! 
Read more about it here: http://belair.patch.com/articles/you-are-so-beautiful

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