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Our ServicesKayla on her adapted bike which allows her family to help push and stop her

Requests for 2017 to be accepted March 1 – April 30.

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  • We will accept requests throughout March & April 
    • Requests are accepted by mail, online using the Submit a Wish button above, or by calling our office at 410.554.9134.
  • Our volunteers will screen each request submitted and take the time to visit each potential winner to better understand the specific needs of each child and family.  This process takes several weeks as you might guess.  Also, a group of engineers must make final selections after reviewing recommendations from our group of Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapist, Nurses and Engineers who conduct the home visits.
  • Five winners will be selected in July/August to have their request taken on by an engineer or a team of students -  at NO COST!
  • We make connections over the summer between each family and an engineer or group of engineering students before the project work begins.

    Our volunteers are very dedicated people, as you can see from all the work they put in before even beginning a project!

About the What I Wish Campaign

V-LINC’s What I Wish for My Child is an annual program designed to help realize the dreams of children with disabilities in Central Maryland. Families of these children know how difficult it can be when their sons or daughters cannot participate in the activities that other children can. Each spring, V-LINC takes requests from parents who have a wish for their child, ages 2-21. We recruit engineers and engineering classes at local colleges, universities and high schools to design and build custom solutions at no cost for five winning families to help their children do what others find so easy but they may find impossible.

What I Wish for My Child winners are still benefiting from the customized devices and adjustments completed to increase their independence and confidence. Transferring from a wheelchair independently, riding a bike, tucking themselves in at night, driving a golf cart, and accessing their backpack while in a wheelchair are just a few examples of the independence gained through What I Wish for My Child. Even a way for a boy with autism to learn when to lower his voice to help him socialize more comfortably. This is the highlight of the year for our volunteers and staff who are inspired by the love and care these families with special needs children demonstrate.

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Please note that we also take requests for children as well as adults throughout the year as part of our Custom Assistive Technology service. A fee applies to any custom design that is not part of the What I Wish for My Child campaign.

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